Dave Gomez

Executive Director IBEW Local 11

National Electrical Contractors Association

I first met Paul Scott in 2007 when he was the President and co-founder of the Antelope Valley Community Labor Coalition.  He was also Regional Uniserve Staff for the California Teachers Association in Lancaster, California.  I also represented IBEW on the coalition and have firsthand knowledge of Mr. Scott’s skills working in bringing labor organizations together to advance each unions interest.  He was quite adept at managing member unions toward the ultimate goal of inserting the unions into the fabric of the community. 


I participated with other labor organizations such as Communications Workers of America, Service Employees International Union, American Federation of Teachers, American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees, to name a few.


Mr. Scott took a fledgling organization and turned it into a powerhouse many candidates sought the endorsement of. 

Matthew Gaines

Current Kepple School Board Member

I was unaware of the extent of Mr. Scott's firm as a campaign resource when I first decided to run for public office.  From fundraising, to working in coordination with other unions and community-based organizations, to overseeing labor and community endorsements, Mr. Scott's firm brought to bear the full power of grass roots organizing in my successful campaign.

Juan Carrillo

Former Palmdale School Board Member

Current Palmdale City Council

Paul ran my first successful campaign for school board member in the Palmdale School District and my second campaign for the Palmdale City Council.  His knowledge of how to run a campaign from the planning of the campaign announcement, coordination with local media, message and platform development, micro-targeting, conducting and analyzing polling, to election day GOTV (Get Out the Vote) efforts, is all connected together in a thread leading to victory.

Bill Hedrick

Riverside Community College District - Current Trustee

I first began working with Mr. Scott when we worked for California Teachers Association.  In my capacity as Regional Uniserve Staff, it was my responsibly to work with Mr. Scott as the Region 4 Political Organizer as my chapters were in his assigned area.  During my chapter’s political campaigns, Mr. Scott managed and consulted on all campaigns in my region as well as statewide initiative and constitutional office candidate campaigns.  His professionalism, knowledge of the political arena, adherence to internal political party processes, familiarity with internal labor organization dynamics, enabled my chapters to successfully navigate the election process to victory. 

Maria Molina

Former Palmdale School Board Trustee

Mr. Scott’s professionalism and knowledge of political processes is exceptional. He ran my first campaign for the Palmdale School Board successfully.  I began as a newcomer but with his training and tutelage I soon became a serious candidate. After my victory, he assisted me in working with other elected officials and taught me how to work with community-based organizations as well as the voters in my district. I learned from him how to go from a new candidate, to serious candidate, to an effective elected trustee.

Dr. William Riley

Former Peralta Community College Trustee

As a former Peralta Community College Trustee, I can say that Mr. Scott’s knowledge of political campaigns is unmatched.  He has honed his trade in this area going back to when we first met in 1986. He has run, managed, and consulted in many campaigns both on his own and for the California Teacher’s Association.  Not many political operatives can boast his portfolio of campaign experience.  I highly recommend his services.

Manual Magana

Former Kepple Board Trustee

I have been a Keppel School Board Trustee for 2 terms. Mr. Scott ran my first campaign for Keppel School Board and even though I was a long shot to win, he ran my campaign with a doggedness that brought me victory. As a result of his efforts, I outpaced my competition and I came in first among those running. After my victory, he was a reliable consultant for me in
working with other elected officials and taught me how to work with community-based organizations as well as the voters in my district. I learned from him how to assess the competition and tailor my campaign accordingly. In addition to showing me how elected officials should govern, he also consulted on school board and voter issues that were fraught with peril.

Dave Aponik

California Teachers Association

Regional Uniserve Executive Director

Paul Scott and I worked together as Uniserve Staff for the California Teachers Association beginning in 2005. Since that time, Paul has managed, consulted, or run an untold number of school board campaigns, Lancaster city Council campaigns, Lancaster mayor’s campaigns, Palmdale city council and mayor’s campaigns, California Assembly campaigns, to name a few.  He has also managed and consulted on State of California initiative campaigns, local ballot measure campaigns as well as measure campaigns.  In addition to those races, as the CTA Political Organizer for Region 4, he was responsible for all school board campaigns for 30 or more CTA chapters.   Paul’s tenacious approach to all the campaigns he embarks upon results in victory.

Paul and I co-founded the Antelope Valley Community Labor Coalition made up of many labor union organizations as well as CTA chapters unions.  Upon assuming the president’s role, the AVCLC became a dominant force in local, county, and statewide campaigns.  The AVCLC interviewed many candidates for endorsement as the formation of the AVCLC splintered into a Political Action Committee.  Through the AVCLC’s PAC and 501C3 status, the coalition was able to insert itself positively into the community and play an integral role.

Richard J. Schwab

Attorney - Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad

It has been my pleasure to work with Mr. Paul Scott since 2005 in his capacity as a campaign manager/consultant on many political campaigns as well as educational issues. I can personally attest to Mr. Scott being skilled, hardworking and resolute when overseeing, managing, or running campaigns. He also has extensive background negotiating teacher contractual rights.


What makes him especially unique and capable is he has the ability to transform neophytes to the political arena and by working with them mold them into viable candidates. Not only are his talents self-evident but his winning record speaks loudly about his commitment and resolve during all his campaigns. He treats each campaign and candidate with serious dedication.


Most impressive is that Mr. Scott when mentoring his candidate brings to them a confidence that they are ready and prepared for every challenge. His tenacity and lively spirit are unmatched. You will never regret having Mr. Scott on your team.

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