Paul O. Scott’s first campaign was in 1966.  He was born in Chicago, Illinois.  For over 30 years, Paul has managed and run campaigns to improve the quality of life for citizens locally, statewide, and nationally. Paul is a retired CTA staffer having served as Primary Contact Staff and CTA Region 4 Political Organizer.

Paul is a resident of Palmdale, California and has spent his entire adult life managing campaigns from elected Los Angeles County Democratic Party delegate, to elected California State Democratic Party Delegate, to elected California Democratic Party Regional Director. His portfolio of campaigns range from school board elections, city council elections, California State Assembly elections, California Constitutional Officer elections, and California State Initiative campaigns, all of which were successful.

Paul believes it is essential that all Democratic Party operatives engage at every level to ensure that rights our fore runners fought and sacrificed for are protected and maintained.  Every campaign he has been a part of, whether managing, consulting, or volunteering, has prepared him to work diligently and strategically for his clients and their campaigns to help make a real difference.